21 Oct 2016
October 21, 2016

Benchmark time, can I still run?

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From someone who has done virtually no running other than the odd bimble in the summer, I have clocked up 14 miles this week over 3 Autumn Runruns.

8 Miles…

I ran 8 miles with friends on the canal towpath last Sunday, a 5km lunchtime run on Monday and then another 5km run on Thursday.  My legs are not thanking me and neither is my lower back which I suffer with a bit too!

But I’m pretty pleased with my progress and the benchmark is set for starting Marathon training in the New Year.   I guess I am lucky that I am already of a reasonable level of fitness to begin training with.

I have also been in touch with Kenneth from my chosen charity this week Alzheimers Research, they are really excited to have me on board and will be there to support me all the way up to and on the day!

I’m thinking of enlisting the help of a coach to help me train for a 4 hour marathon.

If you are a fellow runner, look me up on Strava Shelly Caines.