I’ve always had a love for water, one day I will live by the sea, I’m a Cancerian after all, but I do have both a fear and respect for it at the same time.



I’m no swimmer so when I bought my paddleboard last summer for some summer fun that I could take anywhere and not have to rely on long journeys to a surfing beach, I was really happy to learn that there are now triathlon style events that you can take part in with SUP being part of it. A reason for me to SUP.  I like to have a goal for training, a reason for doing something, and this was perfect!

I have now completed two #SupBikeRun Triathlons, the first was a bit of a test. It took a while to complete.  The second (featured here in this video) was more of a let’s see how quick we can do this so myself and my Husband set off to South Wales on a very dreary day to take part in the Warrior which was a 3km SUP, a 15km Mountain Bike ride with some pretty technical parts and a 5km Run.

The SUP was good fun, I’m definitely getting quicker but I will never keep up with my Husband, he flies along on his Starboard Ace board.  The mountain bike was tough, pretty hilly and included some road, fields and really muddy and rocky paths and the run was a simple flat out and back 5k.  I had major cramp in both quads though for the run which mean that my time wasn’t as good as I would have liked.

I wasn’t the fastest but I was really pleased to come in as the 5th female in my age category and 8th female overall.

I am looking forward to my next event and recommend them whether for a bit of fun or for the serious competitive among you.  You can check out their website here and watch my rather shaky GoPro footage below!

#SupBikeRun05 – Triathlon with a difference from Shelly Caines on Vimeo.