I can’t believe we are in March already!  I’m so pleased that the dark evenings are almost behind us for now, it’s the month that things start to come to life and the clocks go forwards. YAY to that! 

February didn’t start off too well.  I would have racked up more mileage if it wasn’t for the cough and cold bug I had. Yes I know you can still run with a cold, but I am a firm believer of if you aren’t feeling it then don’t do it and I really wasn’t feeling it.  To be honest all I wanted to do was come home and curl up in bed.  I’ve been to the doctors after having a cough since before Christmas, having a cough when training for a marathon can be a bit of a hinderance, I have been given an inhaler to try which has seemed to improve things a bit finally.

Longleat 10kmLongleat 10km was my first and only official race this month.  I still had the cold about me at that time, but I surprised myself with a really good run and finished in around 52 minutes. I think that was almost a 10k PB and over 4 minutes quicker than last year.  A great local race, pretty hilly but there was loads of support there and a huge crowd running the race from The Den where I train.

The new Inov8s have had a couple more muddy outings and have been brilliant, not a single blister. Really comfy shoes for the trails. Running offroad at Kilmersdon, Shearwater and Bradford on Avon this month, at least two of those runs were pretty wet ones with copious amounts of mud. I had to drive home in my underpants from Kilmerson as I was so covered in mud and had no change of clothes #fail.

I ran my longest run to date this month, a 2-mile increase on the last one, 16 miles along the canal from Bradford on Avon to Batheaston with Laura for company. I actually felt really good until around the last 4 miles when my hip flexors started to feel it and the back of one of my knees was niggling. Laura is a fab running partner, having completed several marathons already herself and in training for Rome Marathon in a few weeks time, she kept me going strong. To think that the distance is still 10 miles off the marathon, I need to get my head around that and do some even longer runs.

Being away from home with work can wreak havoc with training, both crossfit and running.  So I never go anywhere without my trainers –  never miss an opportunity.  I did manage to get a nice early 4-mile run in on the morning of a sales conference along with a few fellow sports enthusiasts.  It’s nice not to be the only one!

Laura and I did another longish run, this time we just did a half marathon distance, on the day both of us were feeling a bit sluggish, I had a glass of wine the night before and wonder whether that was partly to blame.  I have this new rule just for the moment anyway, I don’t drink the night before a training run. But eating, thats another story… I am eating so much at the moment, all this running is making me very hungry and craving sugary foods and bread.

A few of us have this little challenge going at work at the moment.  I try to get out at least once a week of a lunchtime for a 5km and there is this nice little 5k route which includes a hill, Cock Hill its called, Its really steep and really horrible!  But there are a few runners now around the office and factory and we are all challenging one another with this hill on Strava.  I managed my fastest time to date up that hill today!  It felt like Dad and Memy heart was going to pop out of my chest at the top!

Sponsorship is going well, my Stepmum has managed to get over £100 of offline donations and pledges from some of the lovely people from the RNA (Royal Naval Association) which she and Dad have always been members of.  Dad was in the Navy back in the day.  I have also received some generous donations online too – So a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has donated.  I need to plan a few fundraisers over the next month or so to raise some more donations.  I am just a couple of hundred off my target I wanted to reach now including the offline donations!

I introduced Dad to snapchat!  We have a bit of a laugh going through all the silly filters on a Saturday when I visit!  He hasn’t been that great lately. He had a fall in the night just last night, paramedics were called out, It’s a worry.

I have a couple of races booked for March, Weymouth Half and the Battle of Lansdown OCR (I’m a bit nervous about that one from a potential for injury perspective), and then in early April I have Bournemouth Bay half and Bath Beat before I taper off.

I’m reading a book at the moment too, it’s called ‘Running the Smoke‘ and it’s basically 26 accounts from 26 different people telling their story about what motivated them to run the London Marathon, how they found it and how they felt crossing that finish line. So many people do this race for so many different reasons, people who have survived or have terrible illnesses, people who have lost loved ones, people who just want a challenge, people who have turned their lives around.  It’s powerful stuff and a really inspirational read.

My Hotel is booked in London.  With just less than 8 weeks to go things are starting to get real (and a tad scary)!  Thank you again to everyone who is supporting me, be it with training, advice, donations or just generally being interested, it means a lot. I couldn’t do this without you. Sure I get days where I doubt myself but wth your support and motivation I will nail this marathon!

If you want to make a donation, you can do so here.

Until next month x