I’ve always had a love for water, one day I will live by the sea, I’m a Cancerian after all, but I do have both a fear and respect for it at the same time. I’m no swimmer so when I bought my paddleboard last summer for some summer fun that I could take anywhere.. read more →

The Donkey Kick or Glute Kickback exercise is a great exercise for sculpting your Gluteal muscles aka the ‘bottom’. Here’s how: Start in a ‘box’ position on a mat (on all fours with knees below hips and wrists below shoulders). You can also rest on your elbows if you prefer (as I demonstrate in the video). Keeping.. read more →

Its April and that means only one thing, its time for Judgement Day again.  So I took to the Army’s training ground at the Fibua Village on Salisbury Plain to take part in my third JD event. Sadly at the mile 9 obstacle, the sandbag carry with a fence to haul yourself over, I managed.. read more →

02 Mar 2015
March 2, 2015

Kettlebell Training on the Beach

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Kettlebells are such a popular piece of portable fitness equipment, you can take them anywhere! I always take mine with me on beach holidays in the UK, there is nothing better than a quick training session on the beach. This little workout consists of: Double handed swings Single handed swing snatch Squat to press This.. read more →