21 Oct 2016
October 21, 2016

Benchmark time, can I still run?

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From someone who has done virtually no running other than the odd bimble in the summer, I have clocked up 14 miles this week over 3 runs. 8 Miles… I ran 8 miles with friends on the canal towpath last Sunday, a 5km lunchtime run on Monday and then another 5km run on Thursday.  My legs are.. read more →

10 Oct 2016
October 10, 2016

London Marathon Ballot Success!

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London 2017 starts here! I have been looking for a reason to start blogging again and what better reason that my very first Marathon, the 2017 Virgin London Marathon. I am in! Today marks the very first day of my London Marathon journey.   I’ve never run a marathon before, it’s been on my ‘bucket list’. I.. read more →

I’ve always had a love for water, one day I will live by the sea, I’m a Cancerian after all, but I do have both a fear and respect for it at the same time. I’m no swimmer so when I bought my paddleboard last summer for some summer fun that I could take anywhere.. read more →

By it’s very title the word Superhuman might conjure up images of fantasy figures with special super powers like Superman and Wonder woman, not your average Joe like me, so when I entered this event it was never because I thought I was actually Superhuman!  It’s a mixed team event where you take part in crossfit.. read more →

07 Feb 2016
February 7, 2016

Longleat 10km

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After the awful weather we had yesterday with the driving rain and gale force winds,  I have to admit that I was not relishing the idea of running a 10km race in these conditions.  But as luck would have it the conditions were near on perfect.  Broken cloud, dry, the wind had dropped, there was.. read more →